Talking Dead guests for Walking Dead 608: Start To Finish


The guests for AMC’s Talking Dead following episode 608 of The Walking Dead on November 29, 2015 look to be unpredictable and fun for the midseason finale.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the midseason finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead already. It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that Chris Hardwick was talking about the show’s season 6 premiere on the post-show Talking Dead.

Although this will be the last episode of Talking Dead until The Walking Dead returns on February 14, 2016, it looks to be a big one.  Not only did the get the man who was instrumental in the creation and success of the franchise, but we’re going to get one guest that should toy with our emotions.

Here are the guests for Talking Dead for the season 6 midseason finale of The Walking Dead:

Robert Kirkman, Talking Dead - AMC
Robert Kirkman, Talking Dead – AMC /

Robert Kirkman – If there is one person who knows everything about The Walking Dead, it’s Kirkman. He’s the creator of The Walking Dead, but also writes many of the episodes that we see unfold on the screen. In addition to having the knowledge, Kirkman is a known jokester and should bring comedy as well as insight to Talking Dead.

  • Jason Alexander – Best known for his role as George Costanza on the sitcom Seinfeld, Alexander is a superfan of The Walking Dead who should bring a great sense of humor as well as an outside view of the show to compliment Kirkman’s inside knowledge.
  • MYSTERY GUEST – While these aren’t always a bad thing, I’d bet dollars to donuts that it is this week. Midseason finales aren’t always known for their feel-good stories and overcoming of adversity. Usually, it’s death and sadness. Given the situation that the survivors are in headed into the episode, I’m going to say we get a fallen cast member.
  • Remember that Talking Dead will be one hour later than normal when it airs on AMC. Instead of immediately following The Walking Dead, it will be after Into The Badlands on November 29, 2015.  But you can count on Chris Hardwick, Robert Kirkman and a mystery guest to make the show a fantastic experience to leave us wanting more into the midseason break.

    **Updated 11/26 to include Jason Alexander