The Walking Dead 607: Heads Up dumpster scene reactions

Dumpster. The Walking Dead - AMC
Dumpster. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead had a strong reaction to the dumpster scene which opened episode 7 of season 6, titled “Heads Up”. Here are the best ones!

There are moments on The Walking Dead have provided fans of the hit AMC zombie survival drama with intense emotions. Some of those scenes are deaths, some are characters surviving adversity, and others are amazing feats.  We were treated to one of those moments during the seventh episode of season 6, titled “Heads Up”.

If you haven’t seen that episode yet, now is your time to go watch it. This is your warning for spoilers below:


Fans have been going nuts waiting to see what was happening with Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead. Having left his fate up in the air, AMC finally gave fans the conclusion to the dumpster scene they have been waiting for.

Luckily for us, fans recorded their reactions to the scene, which opened episode 607. Those videos were compiled by Skybound to give us a compilation of reactions to the scene, which is hosted on their YouTube channel.  Here is that video:

**WARNING: There is swearing in the video below**

Having the scene ruined for me, I knew what was going to happen. However, for those who didn’t read the spoilers or see the leaked photograph stills, this was a moment that saw many fans teared up or pumping their fist in joy.

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It’s amazing how many people cover their mouths immediately when they see that episode 607 of The Walking Dead opened with Glenn. Many of them already started voicing their opinions and desire for him to be alive. Their optimism turned to jubilation when he started wiggling his way under the dumpster, making their concerned faces change to smiles. When he was finally under, the tears of joy started falling for some of the individuals in the video.

The most common reaction was “I knew it” from the viewers. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing for AMC’s The Walking Dead, but fans do seem happy that their favorite pizza delivery boy turned survivor Glenn is still alive.

What was your reaction?  Was it like one of the people in the Skybound video?  Explain how you felt emotionally during this scene in the comments below.