The Walking Dead: Morgan is precious

Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC
Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC /

All life is precious. Morgan Jones, you are precious!

Morgan is our friend. His philosophy doesn’t conform to badass Carol and Rick now and fans have made it into a simple game of “he needs to give that up quickly or he’s going to get someone killed”. Some outright say that the group would be better off with him gone.

I’m known for being too soft. Too compassionate. Too weak. But this is Morgan. Isn’t he worth more than a 5 minute conversation around the table telling him he’s wrong?

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I know right now with the tower collapsing, they don’t have the time to discuss things with Morgan. But Morgan tried to explain things to them. He tried to tell them he was scared. He tried to tell them it wasn’t about believing bad people are good. It’s about saving himself. His own life is precious.

John Carroll Lynch as Eastman, The Walking Dead -- AMC
John Carroll Lynch as Eastman, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Morgan had been on the edge of wanting to die. Suicide by walker. Suicide by self-defense of his victims. “Kill me!” Aikido is what brought him back. Eastman told him to find people. If he abandons that so quickly, what happens to the precious Morgan that he has become. Does he become the wolf?

Morgan’s not stupid. He knows he may have to change in some way. But he doesn’t know how yet. He needs some help. That’s what friends are for. They help you. They don’t just abandon you without trying to help you.

We have to look behind the words. That wolf is a mirror for Morgan. He sees himself. He’s trying to save himself.  To treat himself as precious. We’ve seen mirrors before on The Walking Dead.  Michonne and Abe both looked in the mirror at walkers and faced their own death. They decided they wanted to live.

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Morgan is facing himself in the mirror now. He’s not deciding that he wants to put his friends’ lives in danger by helping this wolf.  He is deciding that he wants to live.

P. S. I’m fully aware that the comments will be filled with things about how there’s no time for that and he needs to get it together and he’s going to get people killed and he will regret his decisions. I don’t write my observations to judge. I write to observe.