The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes is not always right

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page /

We’ve all heard it before about The Walking Dead: Always listen to Rick Grimes.

When will people learn? Always listen to Rick! I’ve seen it a million times on social media. But Rick Grimes is not always right. Why would I say that? I love Rick! But he’s not always right. And he shouldn’t be.

Since the very beginning of the show our hero Rick Grimes has always made decisions that have had negative consequences. He’s made bad calls. But he’s also made calls that have shown his character. Those same calls have had positive consequences. Dominoes! Bob’s good from bad game.

Things aren’t simple in life and they certainly are not simple on The Walking Dead. It’s definitely not as simple as someone always being right. And right isn’t even always right on The Walking Dead.  People are partially right and sometimes right and eventually right, right and wrong simultaneously and more.

Tara Chambler and Michonne, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
Tara Chambler and Michonne, The Walking Dead – AMC/Gene Page /

I don’t want to take this opportunity to point out Rick’s shortcomings or blame him or highlight instances when he was wrong. What I want to do, is show that Rick has had just as much evolution, learning, and growing, as every other character. And can still learn from others.

Plus, I believe other characters sometimes deserve as much room for forgiveness, second chances, good intentions, depression, crazy outbursts, and making mistakes as we allow Rick.

I love that Michonne told him he was making excuses. Tara gave him the bird when he tried to boss her around and get her to adhere to his “us vs. them” philosophy that he’s clinging to in Alexandria when Tara follows her own “were stuck with each other” motto.

Deanna, the professional poker player, is back and told him, “wrong answer” when Rick acted like the fact that Spencer was Deanna’s son was his reason for saving him. Deanna from the video taping is back. ” Are you protecting this town already?”

Daryl told Rick he felt differently about not recruiting anymore. That helping other people out there and not leaving them to fend for themselves helps the group. Daryl didn’t say it, but Rick is falling into the Shane trap of focusing only on those tiny few around him as worth saving.

Rick may not think much of the Alexandrians, but Alexandria has given them a place to rest and stay safe for a while when they were on the edge of madness of being out there. They’ve been able to fortify and plan.

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Part of what is happening to Rick now is because he is mad at himself for his plan for the herd going awry. It’s not all his fault. Nothing is ever that simple. He couldn’t have predicted the horn. But it was his plan and now Abraham, Sasha, Daryl, Nicholas and Glenn are not back yet.

I’m not blaming Rick, Rick is blaming Rick. Anger at the apocalypse has nowhere to be directed so it goes everywhere. I talked about this with Rosita. And that’s why we’ve seen so many people go crazy on walkers.

Rick is not always right. But with everything taken into consideration and with the help of the others, he does what’s right at the time with what he knows and what he believes. That’s all we can ask of our heroes and of ourselves.

Follow your heart and your brain. Ask for and accept help. Fight.

I’m glad Rick is not always right. Life is not that easy. The apocalypse is not easy.