The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan challenge


With news that AMC has brought on Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Negan on The Walking Dead, the actor has embraced the role and is vocal about the challenge.

Speculation went wild when word got out about AMC searching for the actor who would play Negan on The Walking Dead. Many names were shuffled back and forth in the discussion, but the gig eventually went to Supernatural and Deadwood star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

One thing that is for certain is that Morgan is up for the challenge. Not only is Negan one of the most complicated characters in the comic book series, but pulling off this role could make a huge difference in the direction and execution of the popular zombie drama.

Here is a video of Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the Supernatural Convention Event in Pasadena, California from the YouTube account of Midnight Dawn speaking about the role of Negan on The Walking Dead:

**Warning: Morgan does use some swear words**

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan was asked about playing one of the most interesting character in The Walking Dead’s comic books, he had a great response. This is a man who is passionate about the opportunity to play such a complex and charismatic character on AMC’s zombie survival drama.

"“I’m super-excited about it. It’s going to be cool. I promise you, it will be something different than what you’ve seen me do.”"

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And why is Morgan really excited about this opportunity? Well, in the past he’s been typecast as a good guy. A person with a warm heart who wants to do well. Negan will be a totally different challenge for the actor, and one that he’s ready to take on.

"“I’ve kind of become accustomed to playing sort of the good guy. You know, maybe a rough exterior with a heart of gold in there somewhere,” Morgan said. “I think the challenge for me in this role is going to be: Is there any heart in Negan? And for me, I look at that as a challenge as an actor and that’s the kind of thing I embrace and really look forward to.”"

After watching the video, seeing his body language, and hearing him speak, I’m even more confident that he’ll do an excellent job as Negan. And, to be honest, hearing the story of his agent calling him up to play a “big bad” on The Walking Dead sealed the deal.

Negan hasn’t shown up on AMC’s The Walking Dead quite yet, but you can bet when he does that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will make sure that you take notice.