The Walking Dead: Stuff and things to be thankful for

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It’s Thanksgiving, so what kinds of stuff and things are you thankful for when it comes to AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead dinner table, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
The Walking Dead dinner table, The Walking Dead – AMC/Gene Page /

Every Thanksgiving, people gather around the dinner table to discuss what they are thankful for and enjoy some time with their family and friends. But what about that fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead that can’t stop thinking about the zombie survival drama? Surely their mind is still wondering what will happen on the show and think about how far the characters have come.

So, the crew at Undead Walking have decided to see what stuff and things people are most thankful for what it comes to The Walking Dead.

Maybe they love Father Gabriel Stokes’ fashion sense. Or perhaps Shane’s bald head. Heck, some people may even be glad that Lori and Andrea aren’t around anymore. Everyone can enjoy different things about the highest rated show on cable television. But what about the show are we the most thankful for? And what are YOU the most thankful for.

Let’s start by finding out what stuff and things Undead Walking’s co-editor Adam is most thankful for.

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