The Walking Dead: Stuff and things to be thankful for

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Hershel Greene, The Walking Dead - AMC
Hershel Greene, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Adam’s List

  1. Space Aliens – The Walking Dead would not exist without Robert Kirkman’s lie to Image Comics. Not only did he mislead them by saying that aliens are the cause of the zombie outbreak, but once the comic got popular he informed them that he had absolutely no intention of actually including space invaders in his graphic novels.
  2. AMC – Yes, there are a lot of commercials, but AMC was one of the only television outlets that was willing to take on The Walking Dead. The show was turned down by HBO, NBC and other channels before AMC was willing to take a gamble on a drama with zombies. Six seasons later, the show is still going strong.
  3. Sunday Nights – I’m a football fan. I love watching games, but sometimes I need to change things up after watching two games. That’s when The Walking Dead comes in and changes the tone of the entire night. The show is a great balance to my Sunday sports ritual, making me enjoy both things even more.
  4. Learning Risk Evaluation – You breathe, you risk your life. You eat too much turkey, you risk your life. Hershel might not have lasted as long as many people would have liked on the show, but when he (and even Dale Horvath) were alive, there were great life lessons to be learned from these wise characters.
  5. Undead Walking – Without The Walking Dead, this very website would never have been created. To compound that, I never would have met my great team on the site and also would not have met any of the great fans of the show that I now speak to regularly on social media and even sometimes in real life. The show has brought people together in a way that no other program has for me.

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