The Walking Dead: Stuff and things to be thankful for

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Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Susan’s Special Stuff

  1. Fun quotes, lines, and vocabulary – They have become familiar to any Walking Dead fan. Even simple objects have taken on new meanings when looked at in The Walking Dead context. Pudding, squirrels, screwdrivers, RVs, balloons, flowers, cookies, all have Walking Dead connotations.
  2. The walkers – I’m especially thankful for the walker lean. And the walker lean and turn toward the noise. It’s the walker Rhythm Nation. The zombies represent everything. From the simplest message that ugly behavior not always intentional to many, many deeper messages about death and enemies and danger.
  3. Writing about the show and Tweeting –  I’ve found a community of people who love the show like I do. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of confidence in my ability to express my thoughts and my willingness to share my opinions.
  4. The stories and the surprises – I’m thankful that the show can be dissected and explored and interpreted in countless essays or in just three words with enthusiasm: It’s so good!
  5. The characters, actors and producers – Even Chris Hardwick and Yvette Nicole Brown. I love all the characters, good and bad. But I want to say I’m most especially thankful for Michonne. I’m going to need serious grief counseling if and when she ever dies.

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