The Walking Dead: Stuff and things to be thankful for

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Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Tracey’s Thankful Things

  1. The Rick Grimes “head tilt and stare” combo – We always know something big is about to go down when our fearless leader does this! I’ve come to look forward to it because it brings energy and emotion to the story, whether it be good or bad. It could be a threatening or merely pensive. Either way, I’ll take it!
  2. Strong female characters – Girl power! I love seeing such powerful women making significant contributions to our group’s survival. These ladies know how to handle their weapons – katana, gun, knife, or even a shard of glass. The best part is that they are not just caricatures. These women are strong on the inside and out and share real emotion in addition to their prowess.
  3. The Walking Dead fandom. #TWD fans are the best! – They come from all walks of life across a wide age group. They have each other’s backs and are so bonded over the show that they can become friends over social media alone. It is also wonderful how the actors appreciate and embrace their fans.
  4. The hard questions –  The Walking Dead does not shy away from the tough questions. Morality and consequences are explored regularly on the show. How do you respond to seemingly impossible circumstances? These dilemmas make for fascinating and thought-provoking communication.
  5. “The Making of . . .” segmentsThe Walking Dead allows its viewers to see so much of the behind the scenes work. It seems like magic, but we know that a ton of work goes into the makeup, stunts, costumes, and special effects in our favorite show. The best part is how excited each crew member is about discussing their craft. They love their jobs and it shows! We see that they are fans just like us.

Honorable mention: The life cycle of Rick’s beard. It’s like a supporting character on the show!

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