The Walking Dead: Stuff and things to be thankful for

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Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead – AMC/Gene Page /

Things Undead Walking’s Readers Are Thankful For

The Fans on Facebook:

  • Kate Nerone: “I’m grateful for The Walking Dead community. I love knowing that every week, as I sit there on my sofa, riveted by what’s unfolding on the screen in front of me, I am connected to millions of other crazy people who have invested themselves in the creative inventions of a group of artists we will never know.”
  • Olivia Adamou: “That Glenn is alive and Rick and Maggie is pregnant. The original group to the end!”
  • Daniel Rooke: “I am grateful that the show keeps on getting better thanks to production and cast and they didn’t kill Glenn”
  • Sarah Freck: “I’m thankful for all the people that made this show happen… I’ve never had a show catch my interest as much as it has…and get so attached to the characters.. Love it”
  • Joe Coughlan: “Negan is coming!! Gonna get interesting!!”
  • Natalie Penfold: “Rick’s annual shirtless scenes (although I’m still waiting for season 6’s)”

Followers on Twitter:

Instagram’s The Walking Dead Fans:

  • prespresthebutton: “The freaking fact that Glenn us alive. But mostly for a character like Daryl”
  • donnabrowningberger: “They recognized Norman Reedus’s talent and wrote Daryl role for him!!”
  • j_bolling18: “that Daryl is dying this season”
  • stuff_n_thangs1: “Lori’s dead”
  • aris_ka22: “The governor is dead”
  • reyna_kills: “Glenn being alive. Maggie being pregnant. The walking dead. I am thankful for and love the walking dead all the way around”

Huge thanks to all our readers, friends, and The Walking Dead family on social media. Also, major thanks to the cast and crew of the show, as well as those on Talking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead as well as those who work hard to bring us the comic book series. Hopefully, the massive AMC zombie survival horror show realizes how much they mean to their fans and how thankful they are for everything that goes into creating The Walking Dead.