Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel’s ponytail in fridge

Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel's ponytail in fridge Photo Credit: AMC Networks / - Cass
Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel's ponytail in fridge Photo Credit: AMC Networks / - Cass /

Norman Reedus was recently interviewed by Variety on his fine art photography exhibition in Los Angeles. He discussed his lifelong passion in photography, a connection between riding his motorcycle and the Walking Dead, and keeping Hershel’s ponytail in his fridge. Reedus’ photography exhibition is being held at Viola! Art Gallery from November 12th – December 31st. You can find the Viola! art gallery on #518 North La Brea Avenue.

Norman Reedus on his LA Fine Art Photography Exhibition:

Norman Reedus: They’re photos I’ve taken over the last 25 years. Sort of a yearbook of my life. Every single photo has a completely different story. I’ve gotten to travel to a lot of cool places that I wouldn’t have gotten to if I wasn’t acting.

Norman Reedus on how he chooses a camera:

Norman Reedus: A friend of mine was trying to learn bass guitar, I said what kind of bass should I start with? He told me pick up the one you’re gonna play with the most because you’ll learn the most. It’s kind of the same with cameras. I find a camera in a thrift shop in St. Petersburg and I play with it for four months. Then I throw it away and find a new one. I’m constantly trying to find things.

Norman Reedus on keeping Scott Wilson’s Ponytail in Fridge

Norman Reedus: Scott Wilson? Yeah, he’s my buddy. Actually, he just sent me his ponytail from the show. It’s in my refrigerator. I have Andrew Lincoln’s beard in a baggie in my refrigerator so I figured his ponytail should be there as well.

Norman Reedus on real-life Motorcycle Connection:

Norman Reedus: I started doing a lot of interviews about Greg Nicotero’s work and what made his zombies scary, his monsters scary. It had a lot to do with seeing the live lost person behind the monster. I would ride my motorcycle from Georgia to work and there’s so much roadkill in Georgia. I sort of stopped and started doing portraits of roadkill, because I can see the same sort-of scared animal behind that.

Norman Reedus on this season of The Walking Dead:

Norman Reedus: This season’s been like if you pulled back an arrow and let it go. From the first episode, the arrow’s just gaining momentum. It’s very intense.

Remember to watch the full Norman Reedus interview by Variety in the video above!

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