The Walking Dead 607: Heads Up reader rating and response

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Last Sunday we posted a poll asking how many stars viewers would give The Walking Dead 607, asking you to rate the episode and leave your comments. You did.

A few weeks ago, The Walking Dead showed us once again that they have no problem whatsoever keeping us in desperate suspense about the fate of one of our favorite characters.

Was Glenn alive? Was he dead? Fans – myself included – had spent weeks latching on to every bit of evidence they could find to support their opinions one way or the other. His name hadn’t appeared on the In Memoriam segment of Talking Dead, nor had Steven Yeun himself appeared on Chris Hardwick’s couch. Then again, his name was removed from the opening credits of the show, as many fans were quick to notice. The list went on, on both sides of the argument.

It’s an understatement to say that there was a lot of speculation over whether or not Glenn had survived the fall into the teeming mass of walkers that had cornered him and Nicholas on top of the dumpster a few weeks back. The fact that Glenn’s fate wouldn’t be revealed until the November 22 episode had been leaked on social media in advance, so last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was highly anticipated. (Haven’t read the review by our co-editor, Adam Carlson yet? Click here.)

Alexandria Bell Tower, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Alexandria Bell Tower, The Walking Dead — AMC /

How did reality stack up to all the hype and expectations? Last Sunday night we posted a poll asking how many stars viewers would give episode 607, asking you all to rate the episode and leave us your comments. Overall, it appears that you loved the episode. Out of 111 votes, 64% of those who responded to the poll gave it a full 5 stars. When you add in those who gave it 4 stars, the total rises to 85% – the percent of people who either loved last week’s episode, or at least liked it a lot.

A small percentage, 9%, gave the episode 3 stars. The remaining few votes were spread almost evenly between 2 stars, 1 star and no stars. I wish those people who scored it so low especially had left feedback as to why they did so. Like any other TV show, no episode of The Walking Dead will never please everyone who watches. Since everyone comes to the show with an appreciation for something different, it’s always interesting to know what parts of it stood out for them, for better or worse.

Average Reader Rating: 4.37 stars out of 5

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Here’s what a few fans had to say about episode 607, aka “the one that we found out for sure that Glenn was still alive.”

Slick1Eleven Only gave it 4 stars, and that’s only because they can’t all get 5 stars, can they? It is really cool with 1 episode to go back and piece together what Norman Reedus meant by “every little detail means big events in the big picture”, such as Enid’s opening episode, Glenn saying he will show a sign, Deanna wanting to live, etc….midseason finale sounds like it will get 10 stars, love TWD!!!

Hershel’s zombie Head Tara flipping rick the bird I liked, about time someone did it, ricks ego needed it and good to see somebody choosing to do something without Ricks approval. One of the rare times he admitted to being wrong and that his plan wasn’t the only option and he showed concern for an outsider, hope he starts becoming more likeable and relatable, he’s become 1 dimensional in the past couple of seasons for me.

Charles Laster Thought the writers cheated their way out of that, and Glenn ain’t home yet, I don’t trust Enid, and Alexandra just got 50,000 walker problems.

Lee Howard Season 1 2 an 3 were the f*****g bomb…but it you dont give every walking dead episode a 10….then ur not a die hard fan…an dont get it

Matthew Tippins Lost a little respect after the whole Glenn thing. Kinda reminds me of those old shows where the hero drives off a cliff and you see him crash & burn. Then next week, you see him jump out at the last second, and now he’s ok…

Look out for our next poll this Sunday night, rate the episode out of 5 stars, then give us your thoughts on the Mid-Season Finale. The poll will open after the show, and run until Thursday morning.