The Walking Dead’s Katelyn Nacon ‘don’t do bugs’

Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Katelyn Nacon plays Enid on AMC’s The Walking Dead, but she revealed one of the things she would not do for the hit zombie survival drama.

There have been some pretty disgusting things that people have eaten on AMC’s The Walking Dead. When food supplies run short, people sometimes have to do the unthinkable in order to survive. During season 6 of the hit zombie drama, a young lady named Enid was seen eating a terrapin, which is a type of turtle.

Of course, the actress, Katelyn Nacon, didn’t really chow down on a turtle. Special effects were used to create something that appeared to be the turtle’s body. But it really makes you wonder how far people would be willing to go in order to survive a zombie apocalypse.

In a recent interview on, Miss Nacon spoke about one thing that would be an absolute deal breaker for her.

"“I don’t do bugs. I’m anti-bug. Even if it’s really, really tiny. Like, miniscule. I hate squishing them with a tissue paper. Blech! It makes me feel weird.” Nacon said. “If they had me eat a real bug? Oh my god… I would need, like, a bug-eater stunt double.”"

Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Being an actress and pretending to slice into the heads of walker actors is one thing, but eating something like a bug might be the point where much of the cast draws the line. Luckily, the crew of The Walking Dead is more than likely going to swap out any actual insect for something much more edible if a situation like that ever comes up.

As far as Enid, she seems like a smart cookie that is starting to learn that having other people to rely on isn’t always a weakness. However, seeing her home surrounded by walkers has stunned the young lady.

"“She’s a really clever girl, but the situation she was put in at the end of last episode — seeing the walls surrounded by Walkers — you can tell it kind of affected her, because that’s never happened before,” Nacon says."

You can see Katelyn Nacon as Enid and the rest of the wonderful cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead in the midseason finale November 29, 2015 on AMC.