The Walking Dead Season 6: What has gone right so far?

All Clear Balloons, The Walking Dead -- AMC
All Clear Balloons, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Lots of things have gone wrong in these first 7 episodes, but with the midseason finale of The Walking Dead Season 6 tonight, in honor of Glenn’s glass half full personality,  let’s play Bob’s good from the bad game and take a look at what’s gone right.

Rick’s decision not to bury Pete inside the walls of Alexandria. That was what allowed them to discover the herd in the first place. This seems like circular logic since the plan seems to have gone bad, but the plan went live because the herd would have escaped on their own with the truck falling. So that herd was on its way to Alexandria for a surprise attack. Now half of it has been redirected.

Carol’s disguise as a Laura Ashley floral cardigan wearing, cola can ham cooking house wife. This paid off because she was not part of the herd driving team and was back at Alexandria to change costumes and fight off the Wolves and minimize those losses.

Deanna’s plan to bring people in. Rick and our group are the best thing that Alexandria could have hoped for as new people to help them, especially considering some of the people that are out there that could have been brought in. Without Rick, Carol and the rest, the Wolves and the walkers would have made Alexandria another walker ghost town like Shirewilt Estates.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Nicholas’ final act of gratitude. Inadvertently or symbolically, or who the heck cares, by taking himself out, Nicholas liberated Glenn from the responsibility of trying to save him and Nicholas’ body saved Glenn. Nice way to say thank you!

Enid’s crankiness and wanderlust. This provided Glenn with a little H2O and some intel about the things going on back at home. She helped Glenn send the green balloon-gram.

Maggie making the right decision. It’s almost like Sasha said about Daryl. Best way to find a tracker is to let him find you. The best way to help Glenn is to wait for a sign. She needs to protect herself and her baby and be smart about things.

Morgan’s search for Rick: Yes, we’re all tired of hearing that all life is precious and I hope beyond hope that the Wolf doesn’t bite Morgan’s philosophy in the butt. But it brought Morgan out of his insanity and saved Daryl and Aaron from the Wolf trap last season so that is definitely an example of Bob’s good from the bad game. Hopefully, it won’t lead to a bad from the good now.

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Rick taking charge, but taking things in, too. Rick needs to become a leader again. But he also needs to listen and accept the help his friends are offering, That is starting to happen. He’s definitely becoming a leader, and his friends are much more confident advising him and sharing their opinions. That’s going to start to pay off.

So, tonight we’re going to suffer the consequences of many of the things that have gone wrong, but this is the zombie apocalypse, things will go wrong, This is The Walking Dead. Bad things will happen.

But a big theme this season has been moving forward and living in this world as it is. Fighting to live. Making progress. The world is not over yet!