The Walking Dead: What’s your favorite episode going into the midseason finale? [poll]

Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

AMC’S midseason finale of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, November 29th. Which of the 7 episodes so far has been your favorite?

We’ve seen 6 episodes so far of the plan to lure the herd of walkers from the quarry away from Alexandria and one of the story of Morgan. Here’s a quick reminder of each episode so you can make your selection.

“First Time Again”: The plan is hatched. Rick finds the quarry of walkers and comes up with the plan and presents it to the town. The dress rehearsal goes live when a truck falls. Daryl leads them away on motorcycle with Sasha and Abraham in a car helping keep them in line. The plan was disrupted by a loud honking horn.

Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid, The Walking Dead – AMC /

“JSS”: Enid joins Alexandria after her parents are killed by walkers. The Wolves attack Alexandria and Carol goes undercover as a Wolf to handle the situation. Spencer stops the horn. Morgan let can’t kill his Wolves and tells Carol she doesn’t like it.

“Thank You”: Rick sends Michonne and Glenn back to Alexandria with the Alexandrians while he goes to the RV to redirect the herd. Glenn and Nicholas get trapped on the dumpster. Michonne makes it back with Heath and Scott. Nicholas shoots himself and falls on top of Glenn.

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“Here’s Not Here”: Morgan clears. Morgan meets the cheese maker. Morgan regains his sanity through Aikido and friendship. Morgan sets out to find Rick.

“Now”: Rick makes it back. Alexandria is waking up. Spencer yells at his mom. Ron and Carl fight. Maggie and Aaron look for Glenn and we find out Maggie is pregnant.

“Always Accountable”: Abraham and Sasha exchange sanity advice and hang out in an insurance office with a walker. Abraham dresses up. Daryl gets kidnapped and gets his crossbow and motorcycle stolen.

“Heads Up”: Glenn lives! Enid joins him unwillingly. Rosita gives machete lessons. Spencer tries a crazy stunt. Tara flips the bird. Glenn sends green balloons. The tower comes tumbling down.