Walking Dead Preview: Midseason Finale (Season 6)

Walking Dead Preview: Midseason Finale (Season 6) Image Credit: AMC Networks / Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead Preview: Midseason Finale (Season 6) Image Credit: AMC Networks / Screencapped.net - Cass /

They’re In

It’s finally gonna happen. The Walkers are in Alexandria. All around the internet fans are discussing who’s about to exit the series, practically clamoring for it. Is that really what you want? Sure, short-term it’ll provide some action. Yet, with every character removal a bit of the magic that is The Walking Dead goes with it.

Michael Rooker was on Talking Dead recently and was amazingly entertaining. Almost staying in character as Merle, he defended Daryl when host Chris Hardwick called Daryl ‘a good guy’. “Good guy! Come on man, don’t say that! He’s an okay guy.” All you thought the whole Talking Dead episode was I wish Merle was still on the show, but it’s too late. Well other than the rare Governor-life dream sequence.

Spoiler Warning for those who haven’t seen the Saw series, skip ahead:

The film Saw eliminated main character Jigsaw too early in the series. Closing themselves into a pandora’s box of constant flashbacks and loose connections to Jigsaw in the rest of the sequels. People wanted to see more of Jigsaw, but he wasn’t a supernatural phenomenon. It wasn’t like Jason in Friday the 13th. Every original character removed from The Walking Dead opens it up to the same set of circumstances. Just because new characters appear doesn’t mean they will replace the old ones.

/End Potential Spoilers from Saw series

Character connection isn’t built overnight, and sometimes it just never is. Think of how many shows are on TV at this very moment that you’ve never watched or not even aware of. Somehow, The Walking Dead managed to get the magic right. Thanks to a phenomenal cast with great on-screen chemistry. Some fans would rather take those building blocks, the complete Lego set and tear it apart, throw away the manual.

Glenn’s crucial point on The Walking Dead during Talking Dead

“What do you think it symbolizes that Glenn survived this ordeal?” – Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead

“I think it proves that this world still can take the story of the good guy winning sometimes. I really like the fact that it’s not this bent of always seeking out something miserable happening on television and sulking on that. Accepting the fact that sometimes, good guys survive” – Glenn / Steven Yeun

A defining sentence by Steven Yeun. Negative imagery and emotion sets intrigue and complexity, but not to be overdone. The Walking Dead‘s thematic dystopia is part of the show’s attraction certainly. The show is still about the people in its world though not necessarily pure misery, or making the overall plot as depressing as possible. It was good to see something Rick/Jessie form a bond in the midst of apocalypse.

Likewise, it shouldn’t be a happy go-lucky utopia where everyone says or does the right cliché things just because. The real attraction of The Walking Dead is the genuine feel of reality. Amusing to think about for a show with zombies, but similar to 2011 film Contagion, sometimes we just like to wonder what we would do in that situation? What would others do? The walkers after all, are a backdrop of conflict to the real struggle against each other on the show. The same struggle as always, the lack of resources or perceived lack of resources for everybody.

Days of Our Lives

It’s spring time and everybody is in a relationship on The Walking Dead. Not sure what it is about zombies lurking that sets the mood but The Walking Dead is quickly becoming a complete soap opera. Walker Days of Our Lives. The Bold and the Dead.

The only new relationship that has real on-screen chemistry is Rick and Jessie. Lincoln and Breckenridge had a spark from the very first scene, without any words really. Unlike the Abraham/Sasha saga which seems like two names were thrown into a hat. If it’s not there, just having the dialogue exchanged won’t make it necessarily believable. It’s something that transcends the screen. Are Eugene and Rosita next?

Rick Grimes: The Man of No BS

Rick Grimes simply rocks this season. It’s great to see this kind of old western style character on screen again. A role model for the youngsters. “Things don’t get better, just because you want them too.” A line for the season and in life.

Grimes arrives from a place of experience and formulates his opinions/predications wisely. Action first, not wait around for regrets later.

Once a Wolf, Always a…

Morgan believes he can rehabilitate the lead Wolf. Whatever Carol was considering once her suspicions were confirmed? Now set aside. As the walkers taking a stroll through Alexandria becomes top priority. Which also means the Wolf will be left alone, and might make a timely escape. Consequences? Unknown.

Walking Dead Preview: Midseason Finale (Season 6) Image Credit: AMC Networks / Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead Preview: Midseason Finale (Season 6) Image Credit: AMC Networks / Screencapped.net – Cass /

The Resurgence of Daryl?

Daryl’s “You Will Be” reply after the couple took off with his bike was very telling. Will Daryl remember what Merle taught him along the way? You don’t just take a man’s motorcycle. Daryl clearly has a conscience, but he also has an excellent memory…Perhaps this was the moment that makes the old Daryl return on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead TV Ratings

– Last week’s The Walking Dead episode scored a 6.7 rating in the 18-49 age demographic according to TVbytheNumbers.

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