Talking Dead Recap: Start to Finish, the midseason finale

Jason Alexander, Robert Kirkman, Tovah Feldshuh. Talking Dead. AMC
Jason Alexander, Robert Kirkman, Tovah Feldshuh. Talking Dead. AMC /

Jason Alexander joined The Walking Dead creator and producer Robert Kirkman and a surprise guest on the Talking Dead couch to discuss the mid-season finale.

Tovah (with a V Feldshuh) was the surprise guest. Her heart sank when she read the script and found out she was going out. She loves the job. She mentioned Scott Gimple and Andrew Lincoln as primary reasons. Tovah was very insightful about her character and the events that transpired.

In Memoriam: As usual a bunch of interstingly named walkers, Deanna. “Our group already knew how to survive. You taught them how to live.” 

Jason Alexander is a great Talking Dead guest. He’s the perfect mix of funny and still knowledgeable about the show.

Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick. AMC /

Carol and Morgan. Jason Alexander had an interesting take on this dynamic. He thinks in the long run Carol would be better off because she would go on the offense whereas Morgan will only defend himself. But he also thinks that Morgan may be having an effect on Carol that may be detrimental to her at some point.

Everyone in the audience got the 4 new Funko Pop Vinyls! Abraham, Michonne, Rick and Morgan. We saw fan art of the week and sample home videos of fan viewing parties.

The girl who aaked the question at the mic asked why they don’t just wear the walker guts all the time. Robert Kirkman said it’s just not practical. You’d have to replenish the guts all the time. Ironically, the gift was a walker-gut poncho and an ant-covered cookie plate.

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There were polls and behind-the-scenes clips and interviews as always. The prologue clip was replayed in case people missed it from the commercial break during Into the Badlands. Thank goodness Talking Dead will return to its normal time on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

Negan will change the show in a big way apparently. The great casting was complimented by Chris Hardwick and Robert Kirkman let us know that he introduced Negan in comic issue 100 when people were perhaps tired of things and thought things couldn’t go anywhere else and he wanted to show them that they were wrong.

Abraham introduced us to Tovah by asking “Who’s Deanna?” Tovah showed how much she loved Deanna by asking, “Who do I have to sleep with to get a flashback?”