The Walking Dead episode 608: 3 nods to other projects

impaled walker, The Walking Dead - AMC
impaled walker, The Walking Dead - AMC /

During the midseason finale (episode 608: “Start To Finish”) for AMC’s The Walking Dead, there were 3 nods to other projects and films. Did you catch any of them?

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a great show. They’ve taken inspiration from many other great horror films and applied them to help create a successful formula. The hit zombie survival drama doesn’t hide that fact either, as they are very open about what helps them envision the show.

More than that, The Walking Dead likes to include little nods to the things that helped make the show what it is today as well as throw in a little advertising for other products from AMC or Skybound Entertainment. The show did just that during episode 608 on Sunday.

Here are the three references you may have missed.

  • The smoke of Alexandria – This was a nod to the 1980’s film The Fog by John Carpenter. Executive producer and special effects guru Greg Nicotero has said that this film was a big inspiration. During that film, the monsters use the cover of fog to hide their identities and attack their prey when humans cannot see.
  • Invincible minimates, The Walking Dead - AMC
    Invincible minimates, The Walking Dead – AMC /

    A little cross marketing – There’s no secret that Robert Kirkman likes to hide little hints at his other projects in episodes of The Walking Dead. During this week’s episode, you could see some figures from one of Skybound’s other properties called Invincible on the shelf in Sam Anderson’s room. Those figures were exclusives at San Diego Comic Con and should help inspire comic book fans to check out Invincible.

  • Impaled walker – It wasn’t as much that it was impaled, but how it was. In reference to the 1976  film The Omen, there were several scenes with this walker who was impaled at a near vertical angle. Also, former The Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson will be starring in the television series Damian in 2016, telling the story of The Omen.
  • How many of these did you notice? And what other nods would you like to see made in future episodes of The Walking Dead?  Let us know in the comments below.