The Walking Dead: Is Morgan Lizzie?

The Wolves member, The Walking Dead - AMC
The Wolves member, The Walking Dead - AMC /

On The Walking Dead, Lizzie didn’t understand the walkers. She thought they were just different. She wanted to prove that to Carol.

Morgan Jones taught us about the walkers. He knows what they are. They changed him. And then a cheese maker named Eastman helped him change back. Now Morgan is afraid that if he kills again he will change back once more. He’s like an alcoholic that can’t take one drink. He can’t choose moderation.

But he’s gone further than that he’s trying to make everyone else sober, too. To prove to them that drinking is bad for everyone. His all or nothing vision is clouding his thinking. He’s so focused on proving that all life is precious that he’s losing sight of the precious lessons he learned and the lives that really are precious.

Lizzie Samuels, The Walking Dead - AMC
Lizzie Samuels, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Lizzie was so focused on proving to Carol that walkers weren’t dangerous that she killed her own sister to let her turn into one to let her become her walker friend.

Morgan is so focused on seeing if he can change the Wolf and prove that he can repay the debt he believes he owes the cheese maker that he’s not seeing that he’s killing his own friends to serve his own selfish desires.

Aikido teaches to care about the welfare of your opponent.  If Carol is his opponent, he needs to care about her. To try to understand her. He needs to see that in his defending himself he has become offensive and not just defensive.

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He can choose to not kill, but he can make some choices to allow the punishment to be carried out by the larger group. He must figure out a way to be part of the greater good without contributing to the downfall of the group. If he becomes a liability, he will become like the walkers. He will become like Lizzie. He will be a danger to himself and others.

There is an expression that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I do not want Morgan to be punished for beautiful intentions. I don’t want Carol to have to tell Morgan to look at the flowers.