The Walking Dead: Who died in Start to Finish?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale had brushes with death from “Start to Finish” as the episode title suggests.  And, unfortunately, our final count will not be zero tonight.  Who made it out alive, who did not, and how can we possibly wait two and half months to see if Glenn makes his way over to Maggie? Let’s break down the losses.

Metaphorical Deaths

It appears that Father Gabriel’s cowardice may have finally been put to rest.  He insists to Rick that no matter what happens, he will not turn back. Let’s hope he keeps his promise as he and Michonne are anchoring the chain gang of our camouflaged survivors exiting Jessie’s home.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Sam’s second floor lock-in finally comes to a close after his mom’s insistence that they leave the home.  And it’s not likely that the poor kid has actually slept at all up there given the dark circles under his eyes.

The bad blood between Carl and Ron takes a big hit tonight. They fight, Carl disarms Ron, and the truth is aired about Pete’s less than polite disposition.  There may be more to come between the two, but at least we are beyond the festering stage.

Rosita tells Tara she feels like Abraham’s dead. Of course we know he is still on the road with Sasha and Daryl.  Could it be the death of their romantic relationship that she is actually sensing?

Close Calls

Maggie b-a-r-e-l-y makes it up to the watch landing to escape the walkers encroaching upon her.  And what a great visual seeing her lying flat on her back on the platform with walkers below much as Glenn found himself on the broken bridge after the prison attack.  These two lovebirds are so in sync!

When Ron angrily but oh so foolishly swings a shovel at Carl in the garage, he breaks the window giving the walkers access to the Anderson home. Thankfully, Rick breaks down the door just in time to save the two teens. But remember Rick’s “broken window theory”?  This particular broken window is an insurmountable threat as the entering walkers eventually make it past the garage and into the home. This forces the survivors to cover themselves in walker guts to try to make a run (or very slow walk!) for the armory.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Morgan is so very close to being killed by Carol for harboring the Wolf when he knocks the knife from her hand.  He ultimately flings her to the floor and she is not moving. Meanwhile the Wolf knocks out Morgan from behind. The Wolf swiftly takes Morgan’s knife and holds Dr. Denise hostage.  Tara, Rosita, and Eugene enter try to intervene, but the Wolf utters those haunting three words “just be still” and they hand over their weapons to spare Denise. The Wolf and his hostage Denise exit the building, but who knows what danger they will encounter outside?

Certain Death

Finally, we come to Deanna, who valiantly battles the walkers alongside Rick. But during said battle she falls on a saw blade injuring her leg. The two are in dire straits when Jessie arrives guns blazing. Deanna is carried to safety inside Jessie’s house where Michonne tends to her wound.  Sadly, Michonne discovers more than the cut on her leg. Deanna was bitten on her abdomen during the scuffle. Death is certain.  We do have time to see Deanna share her last words of wisdom and final wishes with Michonne, passing along the torch to her in some respects. Deanna knows she will need to end her own life to avoid reanimation. She fires at the walkers approaching the room.  She is certainly a goner, but we can only hope she has the time to opt out on her own before being torn apart by the remaining walkers.

Final count: 1, Deanna Monroe

More from Undead Walking

We are left with so many unresolved plot lines as you would expect from The Walking Dead‘s mid-season final.  There are so many lives hanging in the balance.  The only comfort I can take at this point are the words Tara uttered to Rosita who said she felt like Abraham was dead. Tara says “he’s not dead”. When Rosita asks how she knows, Tara says “’cause I didn’t see it”.  So, let’s hold on to that as we suffer through the mid-season hiatus, hoping that all those in peril or lying limp on the floor will survive because we “didn’t see” otherwise. Keep hope alive, folks!

Until more of The Walking Dead on February 14th . . .