The Walking Dead: Deanna, Tara, Morgan and Carol

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Deanna is gone on the Walking Dead after the mid-season finale,  but does she have the right answer to Morgan and Carol in addition to Rick?

I’ve been so worried about Morgan’s storyline on The Walking Dead. As much as I love Carol, I’ve been a little worried about her, too. I’ve hoped that their clashing philosophies could have a little bit of a positive influence on each other.

I know it’s The Walking Dead. I don’t want it to be a perfect fairy tale. But I wish for glimpses of good winning mixed in with the beauty of the heartbreak and the bleakness. I also know the stories are very deep and complex. They also take their time. The Walking Dead demands patience of its viewers. We must suspend judgment or at least be willing to revise it.

Scott Gimple talked to TVline about Carol and Morgan and made me more comfortable with that long wait until February knowing he has their stories in his care.

"“They were shoved into a situation in that moment that was so loaded, it could’ve gone one of two ways. We saw one of the ways play out — they fought. But, just breaking it down, Morgan is not fully confident in his point of view. We saw him in Episode 7 conflicted, struggling, trying to hold on to that idea. Before he could come to an answer about it — boom — Alexandria has fallen and there’s Carol. There’s no choice but to get into this right now. That said, Carol could’ve pulled the trigger. She didn’t. Morgan isn’t killing the Wolf. To the people who say, “Morgan is keeping the Wolf alive — he’s as bad as the Wolf.” Well, Carol kept Morgan alive. They have a lot more in common than it would seem. At the end of 6.02, Carol was feeling the weight of everything she had done. She was sitting on those steps and crying. It isn’t simple badassery. The fight they had was born out of the fact that she didn’t pull to trigger on him.”"

Deanna told Rick that the right answer about why he saved Spencer was that he was one of them. The reason that Deanna tried to help Rick was that he was one of them. Rick said something to the effect that the people hadn’t proved that yet. Or they hadn’t gotten to that point yet.

Deanna’s point was much like Tara’s answer. “We’re stuck with each other.” Sometimes situations put you together where you are part of the same team even if you don’t like each other or don’t choose each other.

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There was a turning point for all the new characters when they became “one of us”. Carol and Morgan don’t need to like each other to realize they are on the same side. That’s making it more difficult for Carol to kill Morgan.

Morgan was already confused and scared. He told Carol, Rick and Michonne he didn’t know what was right anymore. Now he’s being punished for trying to blindly hold onto Eastman’s philosophy. Punished for defending himself from Carol to the point of hurting her and putting Denise’s life at risk.

I hope that Mr. Gimple has a plan that has Deanna’s right answer and Tara’s motto in mind. A story that doesn’t have an unrealistically happy ending, but one that puts Morgan and Carol on the same side.