The Walking Dead: Why did Daryl stop the truck?

The Saviors blocking the road, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
The Saviors blocking the road, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page /

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon, Abraham Ford, and Sasha Williams stopped the truck because of a roadblock. But why didn’t they drive straight through them?

In a scene that most fans of The Walking Dead have watched on YouTube after it was tucked 10 minutes into AMC’s Into The Badlands, our group of survivors run into a biker gang that has created a roadblock in order to stop Daryl, Abraham and Sasha.

By stopping the truck, they had to give up their weapons, vehicle, and everything inside of it. Some people are wondering why Daryl didn’t just drive the truck directly through the people, crushing the motorcycles and the people in the process in order to get back to Alexandria.

In case you’re not familiar with the scene in question, here it is from the official AMC YouTube account:

Here are three great reasons why Daryl stopped the truck:

  1. They are in a truck full of fuel.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want people firing guns at the truck. Not only could they shoot through the glass at Daryl, Sasha or Abraham, but they could also shoot out the tires or, if they are upset enough, fire at the tank of gas and make EVERYONE dead.
  2. You don’t want to make enemies right off the bat.  This group might be part of a community that is much bigger and more powerful than Alexandria. Rick’s group is already dealing with a lot, as the Wolves are still a threat and the city is surrounded by walkers. No need to add another mad group to the list.
  3. It’s the human thing to do.  In the zombie apocalypse, it’s important to maintain some kind of humanity. Personally, I would have been very disappointed if Daryl’s first reaction when seeing the bikers was to run them all over. We’ve already seen that he’s got a bit of a warmer heart after returning the insulin to Dwight’s group, so unless losing his motorcycle and crossbow made him that bitter, it would have been out of character.

The other complaint I heard about this scene is that Abraham as a rocker launcher and didn’t use it. Not only did I not see the device anywhere near them in the cab of the truck, but I have absolutely no idea where they’re transporting it on the truck at all unless there is a panel to store it in the back with the fuel.

Plus, this was the big name drop that fans have been waiting for. We got teased that the people chasing Dwight may have been associated with The Walking Dead comic book superstar Negan, but now we know it is him, and that his group, The Saviors, will be making their appearance on the hit AMC show sometime soon.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more when The Walking Dead returns from its season 6 midseason break on February 14, 2016.