The Walking Dead: Vote for fan guest for Talking Dead

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Talking Dead is searching for a non-celebrity superfan to join Chris Hardwick on the couch to discuss an episode of The Walking Dead.

We’ve all dreamed of sitting on the couch with Chris Hardwick to dissect an episode of The Walking Dead. One lucky fan will be able to do just that. Fans have already submitted 30 second videos describing what makes them the ultimate Walking Dead fan and the perfect Talking Dead guest.

Producers will choose the fan guest based on knowledge of both shows, personality and online voting results. The online voting results are a factor in the producers’ decision, but not the sole deciding factor.

Online voting is happening right now! It appears the videos have been narrowed down to 17. The voting system is up and down arrows. You must vote with a green up or a red down vote in order to see the results so as not to have the results influence your decision.

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The complete rules are posted on the Talking Dead website. There is no date given for the winner to be announced or when the winner will appear on Talking Dead.

It will be very exciting to see a regular fan like you and me sit on the famous couch. Not just step up to the mic and ask a question, but actually sit on the couch with another guest and discuss an entire episode of The Walking Dead. 

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Hopefully, this fan will do an amazing job and perhaps this can be an annual tradition for Talking Dead. To modify a Eugene quote, I fully respect the fan game that Talking Dead is playing this season. They’ve started showing fan art and cosplay each week. They showed fan viewing parties.

It’s great that Talking Dead is including the fans in such creative and respectful ways. They always include our questions and comments from Facebook and Twitter.  That’s what the show is all about. Helping the fans absorb, digest, interpret, decompress, and cope with everything they just saw in The Walking Dead episode and generally sharing their love of the show with people who are equally obsessed.

So click here and enjoy watching superfans like you talk about why they want to sit on the couch with Chris Hardwick. Give them your green light or red light to help producers make the best decision.