The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun can keep a secret

Steven Yeun, Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - NBC
Steven Yeun, Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - NBC /

The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun had to avoid family members and keep secrets in order to not spoil a major plot line on the AMC zombie survival drama.

The most talked about television event as of last has to be Glenn Rhee. The character played by Steven Yeun was left in an exceptionally dangerous life-or-death situation and fans were left wondering about his fate for several weeks.  While Glenn survived the show, the secret as to whether the character was alive or dead seemed to be very hard for Yeun.

Recently, Steven Yeun was a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon when he talked about having to hide the fate of his character from his family.  Here is that clip from the official YouTube account of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon:

The entire interview with Yeun was fantastic, but perhaps some of the most interesting things about it were how he described his hideout between his character’s possible death and amazing feat of survival.

"“I was in weird Atlanta-apartment jail.”"

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While an apartment jail doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, Steven Yeun’s family was having even less fun. As we already know, characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead sign a document saying that they can’t reveal any spoilers or secrets from filming or upcoming episodes otherwise they will face a hefty financial penalty.

Sadly, that include members of Yeun’s family who were concerned about his character.

"“My little cousin called me…no, she texted me. ‘Are you dead?’ and I just didn’t respond. So, I don’t know if I have a cousin anymore. Her wedding his this weekend, so we’ll see…”"

The story about Yeun’s mom was likely the best part. Fallon asked him about his family being happy that he still had a job on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and his mother was one that was only concerned with seeing that her baby boy’s character was still alive.

"“My mom called me after the episode aired. She’s like ‘I saw it.” I was like ‘How much did you see? Did you like any of the other stuff?’ and she said ‘No. I just watched until I found out that you were alive and turned it off.'”"

Many fans also seem very relieved that the character of Glenn Rhee is still alive and looking to reconnect with his television wife.

You can catch Steven Yeun and the rest of the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead when the hit zombie survival drama returns from its midseason break on February 14, 2016.