The Walking Dead: Battle for Survival animatronic zombie

The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival sign at IAAPA Expo - "Inside The Magic" on YouTube
The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival sign at IAAPA Expo - "Inside The Magic" on YouTube /

The first sneak peek at an animatronic zombie for The Walking Dead’s new amusement park interactive adventure called “Battle For Survival” has been revealed.

There hasn’t been a lot of news recently about The Walking Dead‘s interactive zombie survival adventure called “Battle For Survival”, but we got a few tidbits thanks to the folks at Sally Corp.

At this year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo, Sally Corp. put one of the animatronic zombies on display, and it was the talk of the show.

Here is the video of the zombie from the YouTube account of Inside The Magic:

But we got more than just the awesome sheriff’s hat and zombie. Probably one of the best things to come from this event was a description of what the attraction will be like and how it will be pulled off.  We got that information thanks to designer Rich Hill, who assures us that the ride will be scary for some people, therefore not appropriate for all ages.

"“The whole point of it is to collect supplies and defend yourself against walkers and so if you don’t collect enough supplies, there’s an alternate ending where you lose and you get eaten,” Hill explained, citing that the full experience will  feature multiple endings depending on rider performance. “It’s all based on your skill.”"

The atmosphere will be created through several different means of media. You’ll see projected images, animatronics, and great set innovation to make the person enjoy the experience. There will even be physical accompaniments to the props, including spraying water, wind, and even some fire.

The Walking Dead: “Battle For Survival” looks to be a cant-miss adventure when it is finally available for fans. As of now, an amusement park company has not secured the rights to this great zombie experience, but with the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there is little doubt that it won’t take long to get swooped up by one of the top parks.