What do Star Wars fans and The Walking Dead fans have in common?

Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo.
Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo. /

Star Wars fans and fans of The Walking Dead share many similarities.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18th, 2015. Fans of Star Wars have been excited about this date since it was announced 3 years ago.

As a fan of The Walking Dead I can now say I fully respect the Star Wars game! As an outsider to Star Wars, I always thought it was kinda cool to have something that you got into so much, but I didn’t really get it. I do now. Even though I’m not a cosplayer, I’m part of a fandom that has them, and I embrace that. Let’s take a look at what our fandoms have in common.

Cosplay, Comic-cons: I just mentioned cosplay, a word I didn’t know was a word a year ago. People dress up as their favorite characters.  Star Wars fans are the masters! I attended my first Comic-con last August and I will attend another one in May. Who knew?

Waiting, re-watching, marathons. We wait. Star Wars fans have even longer periods of waiting than The Walking Dead fans. They have to go tears between new episodes. We wait weeks and then months. We spend those waiting periods watching the old episodes, having marathon viewing sessions.

Trivia, quotes, and memes. Fans of both sensations are detail people. We know the lines, who said them, when and where. We love trivia and memes. We take the show/movies very seriously, yet we love to make fun of the characters and the lines and the stories in memes.

Obsession, Loyalty: You don’t find very many casual fans of Star Wars or The Walking Dead.  Very rarely will you hear people say they watch The Walking Dead “every once in a while” or “I’m looking forward to Star Wars because those movies are pretty good.”

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Merchandise: T-shirts, coffee mugs, blankets, actions figures, tote bags, videogames, just to name a few things. Fans of The Walking Dead and Star Wars crave things to display their love of the characters. Star Wars is king of merchandise. I admit, I’m jealous of the amazing number and variety of products so readily available right now.

So, even though I never got into Star Wars (gasp), I feel a kinship now with Star Wars fans. I take pictures of everything Star Wars and I Tweet them to our partner site, Dork Side of the Force. I share memes that I don’t really even get with my “Dorky”.  I did love Yoda!

P.S. We asked our Facebook friends what they thought Star Wars fans and The Walking Dead fans have in common. Click here for all of their responses. Here are some of the most clever ones:

Kelly Bauer: Dedication…… and the force.

Rob Casey Arnold: Love for Daryl Dixon and Boba Fett. And if you spoil it before we see it then we’ll cut you.

Jessica Lynn Murphy: They both have a dark side.

Bradley Steinbach: Daryl and Chewbacca both use crossbows.

Denise Singleton: They are desperately waiting for the next episode!!!

Enjoy the countdown to Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  Countdowns are another thing we have in common! We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day for the season 6 mid-season premiere!