The Walking Dead: Will Father Gabriel have a good death?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead want Father Gabriel dead and I don’t think there’s much he can do that will change that. But maybe he can still get some respect back before he goes.

Poor Gabriel. I’ve defended him and defended him. Do you see my blue face? Nothing I can say will change the minds of fans who contend he’s useless and worthless and needs to be fed to the walkers.

Maybe we can all be happy in February. Gabriel told Rick he wasn’t going to turn back. And really, at this point, turning back won’t do Gabriel any good. There are walkers everywhere.

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Sam has never been exposed to the monsters except in Carol’s fairy tales and his own illustrations for said fairy tales. I wonder if Sam has ever even seen a walker. I wonder what his question is for his mom. Does he know noise draws them?

I would love if Father Gabriel could intervene somehow and protect Sam. It would be great if he could do something like squeeze his hand and let Sam know with that squeeze to stop talking. But this isn’t a fairy tale. This is The Walking Dead.  

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In The Walking Dead, a fairy tale would be Father Gabriel stepping in after Ron starts yelling at Sam and the walkers have started to turn and notice all of them and Gabriel starts yelling and drawing them toward him in a final moment of self sacrifice, allowing Rick, and Michonne to kill a walker path and allow Jessie, Carl, Ron ( optional), Judith and Sam to make a run for the armory.

That’s my The Walking Dead fairy tale ending for Gabriel. It would give him a good death and still make fans happy that he’s gone. I know they’d rather have him receive a swing from Lucille. I’m a hopeless optimist!