The Walking Dead: A Christmas Carol

Rick Grimes discusses matters with Morgan on Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere. Image Credit: - Cass
Rick Grimes discusses matters with Morgan on Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere. Image Credit: - Cass /

Almost every television show has done some version of Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts of A Christmas Carol. How would that look for The Walking Dead?

Of course, it would never happen. It doesn’t fit the spirit of the zombie apocalypse,  but it’s fun to think about for a minute during Walker Withdrawals.

First up, who would be Ebenezer Scrooge in this very special The Walking Dead Holiday Special? Rick Grimes?  Carol to play on the title A Christmas Carol?  Robert Kirkman?  Scott Gimple?

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If Rick Grimes is Ebenezer Scrooge. Who is his Bob Crachit? Daryl? Michonne? Either of these two would work in the current situation. They both want Alexandria to work and both are on Rick’s side, but Rick still is in charge. Maybe Tara? Or Jessie? Sam is definitely Tiny Tim!

Morgan is the ghost of Christmas past. Or perhaps Lori. We could see scenes of Shane, and baby Carl pre-apocalypse.  Rick early apocalypse. Maybe he could visit all the survivors pre-apocalypse?  A young Merle. A clean-cut Abe. A preppie Eugene. Little Ty and Sasha.

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Christmas present. Deanna would be the ghost of Christmas present. She could show the current situation to Rick so he could see what’s happening on the outside with Glenn and Enid, Abraham,  Sasha and Daryl, and Morgan, Carol and the Wolf. She would be able to show him how he has to gather his people to fortify Alexandria against what’s coming.

Negan could be the ghost of Christmas future. He could give Rick a preview of what he has in store for Rick and the Alexandrians. Rick would wake up right back where we left him, holding hands with the gut-poncho clad crew hearing Sam call for his mom. But with a new ferocity inside to get to the armory to keep as many people safe as possible and prepare for what’s coming.

A The Walking Dead Christmas Carol. Bah Humbug! Ridiculous!