Three Walking Dead family make MTV’s Best TV Characters of 2015 list

Fear The Walking Dead and Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead and Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Two characters from The Walking Dead and one from Fear the Walking Dead made the Best TV Characters of 2015 list from MTV.

MTV narrowed down hundreds of television characters to 48 for their list of the best for 2015.  Three of our survivors made the cut. They placed at number 39, 30 and 9.

Carol Peletier landed at 39, Victor Strand from the new companion show Fear the Walking Dead came in at number 30, and Glenn Rhee pulled himself out from under Nicholas and hid under the dumpster to find himself on the list at number 9.

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Carol has definitely made a transition from a background character to a superhero. The performances of Melissa McBride have made Carol something remarkable to witness. Carol is complex and beautiful. Last season she saved the group from Terminus. In 2015 she made Alexandria her stage for a Real Housewives of the Apocalypse fashion show and cooking show while leading a double life as Jane Bond.

Victor Strand made a quick and immediate impression on the audience as a character we would love to hate or love. We didn’t know, but we knew the love part was certain. He had a calm voice and confidence that we longed for in the new world of the infected. And then we found out he was going to help our Nick. And. He has a boat.

Glenn has been an “also ran” favorite character for all 6 season of The Walking Dead.  But to die because of Nicholas? That just couldn’t happen. To leave Maggie and nobody would even know or find him. That was too much for the audience. But a waiting game of possibilities? That was just what they needed to add some excitement and mystery to The Walking Dead.  

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Take a dumpster, a redemption, a herd of walkers, lots of blood and guts, tricky camera angles, the internet, and stir. What do you get? Frustration, theories, memes, excitement and general The Walking Dead mania for a month.

We’re happy for those 3 characters for making the list of the top 48 TV Characters of 2015. There are tons of characters on television. We love all our apocalypse characters, but having 3 on the list is pretty cool. Click here to read what MTV writers had to say about Carol, Strand, and Glenn and to see if some of your other favorite television characters made the list.