The Walking Dead: The Anderson family is the worst

Ron Anderson and Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
Ron Anderson and Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page /

The Anderson Family might be the most messed up group of characters that have ever appeared on AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead.

There might be some characters in the history of AMC’s The Walking Dead that were bad, but as a whole, the Anderson family might just be the most emotionally scarred and least prepared survivors in the zombie apocalypse.

And that’s saying a lot. We’ve had to deal with some really dysfunctional families so far on the show, including the Grimes, Peletier and Dixon clan. But the Andersons have taken things to a different level.

Let’s break down the Anderson family and why they are horrible people to try to survive with:

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC
Pete Anderson, The Walking Dead – AMC /

He didn’t earn the nickname of “Porch Dick” by being a good guy. Not only was he abusive to his family and a raging alcoholic, but the only reason the community wouldn’t confront him about it is because he was a skilled medical professional. He was a very possessive and an angry man, who killed Reg Monroe on accident in an attempt to get back at Rick Grimes. Normally, I hate to say that I’m happy a character is killed off, but much like Ed Peletier, I was happy to see him go.

Jessie Anderson

  • Whether it was intentional or not, she was flirting pretty heavily with Rick Grimes before her husband’s death. For a woman who seemed to be fearful to spend time with her husband and is very protective of her kids, to let a stranger get that close to her that soon is a big mistake. She’s a lot like Lori Grimes used to be in the fact that she never watches after her kids. When an emergency hits, she has to go find them or just hope they are okay. And she left her son in the dark leading up to the biggest moment in the midseason finale by not telling him what to do when walking through the crowd of walkers.

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Ron Anderson

  • First off, Ron has to be the least likable character on The Walking Dead right now. That should be a major credit to Austin Abrams, the young man who plays the role. However, there is little redeeming about Ron. First of all, he seems to think he’s in a relationship with Enid, when she has never spoke of it in the least and avoids relationships. He saw Carl Grimes and her getting along, and immediately got jealous and violent. To make matters worse, he has drawn a gun on Carl and started fights with him on a couple of occasions. He’s always putting himself in danger with no idea how to protect himself and then being extremely rude to his mother. With him learning to shoot a gun from Rick, things could get very scary with this young sociopath very soon.

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Sam Anderson and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead – AMC /

I’m really torn about Sam. I love how he’s so inquisitive about what is going on in the world around him and expresses himself through his art. Sadly, none of his questions are ever answered by his mother, and he’s left wondering crazy stuff about how these “monsters” live, where they come from, and what they should do to protect themselves. He has taken to looking up to Carol, a complete stranger, to try to learn about the outside world. Out of fear, he’s confined himself to his bedroom in the house and refused to go downstairs. Now that they have to leave the house, he isn’t prepared at all for what he is about to do and that kind of poor communication and strategy could end with deadly consequences.

Saying that the Anderson family is the most dysfunctional in the show’s history might be a bold statement, but there are plenty of arguments to be made as to why it is an accurate statement. If you disagree or think of a family of worse prepared survivors on The Walking Dead, comment below and let us know.