The Walking Dead: Father Gabriel Easter egg in Fallout 4

Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC
Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Hit video game Fallout 4 has included a neat The Walking Dead Easter egg in the game where you can meet up with Father Gabriel inside a church.

Two of the biggest things to happen in popular culture during 2015 was The Walking Dead‘s season 6 premiere and the release of the hit video game Fallout 4. While the two are insanely popular on their own, the game has included a small nod to the zombie franchise with an Easter Egg involving one of the characters on the show.

The character in question is Father Gabriel Stokes, who fans of The Walking Dead met during the show’s 5th season. Gabriel locked himself into the church to avoid the walkers, letting people pounding on the church doors die outside. He survived on church donations until he had to go out on his own to find food and supplies.

Here is a video of the hidden encounter at the church in Fallout 4 from YouTube user GxldTSNMI:

I never said that the interaction would be a pleasant one. Our hero in Fallout 4 finds various undead monsters around the church before entering its doors. Standing in the shadows at the front of the church is Father Gabe, who is protected by more undead monsters.

After killing Father Gabriel (which is something many fans of the hit AMC zombie survival drama would like to do on the show), the good father drops his vestments, a burned book, and other survival items. The burned book is likely a callback to the book that Gabriel found outside the school in the episode “Coda” when he went for a walk to help clear his mind.

Although Gabriel isn’t the most popular character on The Walking Dead, it’s great to see him getting some attention from Fallout 4, even if it is only to kill him and take his items.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One and can be purchased wherever video games are sold.