The Walking Dead to make Spanish language debut

The Walking Dead title - AMC
The Walking Dead title - AMC /

Spanish-speaking fans of The Walking Dead will no longer have to read the subtitles on episodes, as NBC Universo will host dubbed episodes on their channel.

Let’s face it, not a lot of people enjoy subtitled shows and movies. Many of my close personal friends will not watch something if they have to read it rather than listen to it. That can be a major problem for people who don’t speak the native language the material was made with.

That is a problem facing AMC’s The Walking Dead. While it is a major hit in the English-speaking areas, the show is missing out on an entire audience that doesn’t speak the language. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be an issue much longer.

Thanks to a recent announcement from Robert Kirkman that was shared on The Wrap’s website, we now know that NBC Universo will carry episodes of The Walking Dead dubbed into Spanish. Here is the statement from Kirkman:

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"“Opening up the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ to new audiences who will now be able to immerse themselves in the drama and suspense of the series is incredibly exciting. The show continues to manifest itself in ways beyond my wildest imagination, and I am thrilled for fans to experience it when it’s released on NBC Universo in the New Year.”"

As a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I’m excited that one of my favorite shows will reach a much larger audience soon. Sadly, there isn’t a layout yet of how the show will be released as far as season structure or episode airing, but the fact that the program can become a bigger international sensation thanks to providing a Spanish dub is nothing but positive for the future of AMC’s ratings juggernaut.