The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 20

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  Here are the two walkers who tied for the number 20 position.

Number 20: Amy’s Walker

Emma Bell. Amy. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Emma Bell. Amy. Walker. The Walking Dead. /

Amy was one of our first major character deaths of the entire series. It happened right after Ed Peletier.  The group had been enjoying a fish fry and telling stories around the peaceful setting of the campfire.

Earlier in the day, Amy and Andrea caught those fish and told stories of their childhood in the peaceful setting of the canoe and the still water. The pretty girls as comfortable as fish in water like the mermaids Amy loved and the mermaid on the necklace Andrea had for Amy for a birthday present.

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Amy’s walker was special for many reasons. She was the first walker we saw that we knew as a person first. We had to watch Andrea contemplate the decisions we would have to make if one of our family members were ever bitten for the first time since we watched Morgan try to shoot Jenny.

The Of Mice and Men references began way back then, not in the Grove. Do you let a stranger shoot your sister for you? Just like Candy in Of Mice and Men said he shouldn’t have let a stranger shoot his dog.  Can you do it yourself? Do you do it before, or after? Does it matter? Do you need to do everything by yourself?

Amy’s walker also brought up other more basic issues. Is it harder to kill the walkers when they still look like people? And the fact that it only takes a second for everything to change. Shane tried to blame Rick, suggesting that if he hadn’t gone back for Merle things wouldn’t have been so bad. But nothing could have saved Amy. That one second was all it took.

Number 20: Bowling Ball Head Walker

Bowling ball walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Bowling ball walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

This walker (Stephen Vining) has a special distinction of being a kill and a weapon in the same scene. When the crew went to Grady Memorial to rescue Beth and Carol they were greeted by some fabulous walkers that weren’t too much of a threat to them because of their interesting predicament.

Spoiler alert: the napalm walkers landed in the top 20 on our list so we’ll look at them in more detail later.

They weren’t a big threat, that is, until Daryl gets tackled by a big police officer outside of an RV after he cleared it. He shut the door and Officer Licari blindsided him. Once on the ground those melted walkers came to life with food so close to them.

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Daryl somehow managed to blindly search with his hands and, ironically, blind one of the walkers with his fingers by reaching into his eye sockets and grab his head like a bowling ball. Daryl pulled his head off killing the walker and then used the walker head as a weapon to knock out Licari and free himself.

It was an incredible scene. That reach of Daryl’s could have had his fingers land in the walker’s mouth resulting in a bite and a win for the walker instead of the outcome we saw. Those were some tense moments. I remember thinking, “Kirkman’s going to do it. He’s going to kill Daryl!”