The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 11

Carl Grimes and walker. Chandler Riggs and Kevin Galbraith. The Walking Dead - AMC
Carl Grimes and walker. Chandler Riggs and Kevin Galbraith. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  Our number 11 spot goes to the walker that got Dale.

When we were on the farm, we didn’t see many walkers close to the house. Of course, I don’t mean the ones that were secretly in the barn. We usually had to go further into the woods or out into town, like at the pharmacy.

Carl spotted a walker one day.  Carl was at an interesting age, even without an apocalypse. Kids do stupid things. My brother and the little girl neighbor sat on the curb one summer in the 1970s and threw little rocks at cars. Of course they got in trouble for it when a rock hit the windshield of a car and the driver sought out the parents of the delinquents.

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Add the apocalypse to things, Carl has no friends to play with on the farm. He lost Sophia. He’d been yelled at by Shane for talking to Randall.  He back talked Carol and then got a good talking to from Rick.

Dale's walker. Kevin Galbraith. Walking Dead - AMC
Dale’s walker. Kevin Galbraith. Walking Dead – AMC /

He sees a walker stuck in the mud. He’s too small and weak to take his anger out on the walker the way many of our adults have done. He can’t swing a katana and behead a group of them. He can’t repeatedly plunge a scissors or a knife into one to take out his frustration and grief. He’s not even old enough to comprehend his frustration and grief.

So what did Carl do? He tossed rocks at the walker and watched him turn and twist and reach with his feet stuck. When he moves in to practice being an adult and kill the walker, it gets loose and grabs Carl’s leg. Carl is a kid. It’s a good thing he got away. As adults we should be glad he escaped when he was testing his independence.

If Carl were our child, we would be glad he survived and not blame him for getting that walker riled up or loose from the mud. Had Carl not taunted him, he still could have made it onto the farm. However, many fans do blame Carl for what happened next.

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Dale was walking across the grass from the house to the camp and that sneaky walker ripped Dale’s stomach right open. No amount of medical attention would do any good. Since Dale was suffering, Daryl stepped up and took the gun from Rick, who had taken care of Sophia, and put him out of his misery. ” Sorry, brother.”

This pale, bulging-eyed, drooling walker was played by Kevin Galbraith.