The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 9


Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  Number 9 goes to some gross walkers and a walker doppelganger.

Sometimes walkers are remembered because of the way they look. Sometimes they are remembered because of who they were when they were alive. Sometimes they are remembered for the way they are killed. Sometimes for who they killed. And sometimes they are remembered for some kind of emotional response they create in our survivors.

Our number 9 spot goes to some very gross walkers who had a very memorable look. And one walker who was not gross, but also had a memorable look, she look like one of our survivors. She created an emotional turning point for that survivor.

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Napalm Walkers

Chris Harrelson. The Walking Dead - AMC
Chris Harrelson. The Walking Dead – AMC /

These walkers were a first. A huge surprise as the group entered the parking lot area of Grady Memorial hospital to execute a plan to rescue Carol and Beth. We had seen walkers melted and burned by fire, but these walkers were melted from napalm. Burned and melted right into the asphalt.

Like fried eggs with their heads the yolks still alive and some with arms and hands still reaching for food. You know the burns hurt when they were alive, but now we see the pink melted flesh and the walkers are just there, painfree except for their hunger.

The napalm walkers pictured were played by Stephen Vining and Chris Harrelson.

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Michonne’s Doppelganger

Michonne's twin walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne’s twin walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Michonne had gone back into hiding among the walkers after the prison fell. She created two new pets-men from the Governor’s group. When she saw the walker who looked similar to herself, Michonne saw herself as a walker. She realized that this was no life. Hiding among the walkers was equivalent to being a walker. She needed to choose life again. She needed to find people again, That’s when she killed the group of walert that were her travel pals and went searching for Rick and Carl.