The Walking Dead: Will AMC’s show skip an iconic comic line?


AMC’s The Walking Dead can differ greatly from the pages of the comic book, but there are some lines from the comics that are just too good to leave out.

There have already been a couple of occasions that major lines from the The Walking Dead’s comic book have been adjusted to meet the standards of AMC or accommodate for different characters in different roles. For example, changing the “F” word to “screw” and having Daryl interrupt the “We are The Walking Dead” speech from Rick Grimes.

However, one of my favorite lines from the comic books might just be left on the cutting room floor unless AMC has other plans to make it happen.


It seems as though The Wolves have taken the place of The Scavengers on The Walking Dead. That’s fine and dandy because I’m actually enjoying the angle with how The Wolves are brutal savages looking to take over Alexandria. I actually see that as a great parallel to the fall of Rome at the hands of the Visigoths.

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But unless the lone surviving member of The Wolves can get out of Alexandria and return with some backup, several of the best parts of this period in the comics might get left out.

First of all, the midseason break of AMC’s The Walking Dead left us around issue #82 of the comics. The Scavengers are first introduced in issue #75 and make their final appearance in issue #78. There is one great scene from the comics where The Scavengers are seen from a rooftop by Glenn Rhee and Heath, and it is one of the most cold pages from the comics. The group sacrifices one of their own people to escape a building surrounded by walkers, leaving him to scream as he is torn apart.

Derek of The Scavengers, The Walking Dead - Image and Skybound
Derek of The Scavengers, The Walking Dead – Image and Skybound /

As if doing without that scene wouldn’t be disappointing enough, Derek (The leader of The Scavengers) has one of the best lines from the comics. The group wants control of Alexandria, and the cocky Derek walks right up to the gates of the community following Pete Anderson’s funeral, taunting Rick by saying “Little pig, little pig, let me in!”

There is a chance that AMC can remix this encounter to go along with another group of baddies or, as I said earlier, the lone member of The Wolves could return after the zombies are cleared out of Alexandria. I’m just hoping that the events with the Scavengers aren’t forgotten, because they are burned into my memory as a comic book reader and I would love for fans of The Walking Dead’s television show to experience that same emotion I did as a reader.