Emily Kinney sells coffee and talks about playing Beth


Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has an exceptionally bright future ahead of herself as both a musician and an actress.

The Walking Dead is a massively popular show on AMC. Not only is it the launching points for many young actors, but it can provide exposure in other ways as well.

One of the best examples of that phenomenon is Emily Kinney, who won the role as Beth Greene. She had the opportunity to show off some of her vocal skills as well as ability to play the guitar a couple of times during the hit AMC zombie survival horror show, helping to launch her musical career.

Kinney has released her debut album “This Is War” recently, and returned to the coffee shop she used to work at in Brooklyn, New York to speak to Rolling Stone magazine about her career, history, and time as Beth on The Walking Dead.

Here is what she had to say:

"“I do think it happened to be some lucky in-the-stars thing that they decided to make Beth be someone who sang, because audiences are a little more like, ‘Oh, the singing one,'” Kinney says. “They’re able to accept this other side of my personality that’s making music.”"

Fans of Emily Kinney’s work on The Walking Dead may have followed her career into the musical side of things and heard her single “Rockstar” playing on the radio. You can check it out from her YouTube account right here:

Music isn’t the only thing that Emily Kinney is currently focused on. She has landed some roles on major shows like The CW’s The Flash and Showtime’s Masters of Sex. She fully intends to keep up on both creating music and continuing her acting career.

"“Acting and music are both my career,” she says. “They’re all part of who I am, and it makes me happy to have both in my life.”"

Major congratulations go out to Emily Kinney on her fist full-length album and success in big television shows. It’s also nice to see her return to her past place of employment in her home town to serve up some coffee to the locals.

The future looks bright for Miss Kinney, so keep a lookout for more music and acting roles for the young, blossoming star.