Cliff Curtis on why he joined Fear The Walking Dead’s cast

Travis Manawa. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Travis Manawa. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

While many people were wondering how Fear The Walking Dead would hold up compared to the parent show, Cliff Curtis fell in love with the subtle differences.

When it was announced that there would be a companion series to AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, many fans groaned. The idea of another show full of undead monsters felt like a cheap attempt to cash in on an extremely large fan base.

However, Fear The Walking Dead was far from a carbon copy of its parent show. Instead, it focused on the events at the very beginning of the breakout and continues to do things differently. Those differences between the two shows is what helped draw in some of the actors to the show, including Cliff Curtis who plays Travis Manawa.

Recently, Cliff Curtis sat down with Nerdist to discuss why he chose to be a part of Fear The Walking Dead.

"“I was like, “Really? Do we really want to mess with the most successful franchise on television?” It’s risky. It was always risky. I thought, “Oh, this could really go south.” And I don’t mean Texas. But when I read the script I was really confused because it did not feel like a genre zombie show to me. It’s a drama with hardly any zombies! And I was intrigued. I discussed it with the writer, the director, and even with the network. This was really bold, to let us stray so far from the mothership.”"

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Fear The Walking Dead continues to do thing differently. Going into season two, it appears as though we’re going to see what it’s like trying to survive at sea with the mass hysteria going on. It is these unique situations that are being explored on the program that make it a fun experience.

The creativity and variety of the script and setting combined with the focus on characters helped draw Cliff Curtis into the show.

"“I really enjoyed the quality of the script, and the sense of connection between the characters. It felt like it wasn’t just about entertainment, but about exploring just who each character was.”"

Fear The Walking Dead will return for season 2 in 2016 at a date to be announced later. Stay tuned to Undead Walking for more news and information regarding the record-breaking show.