Fear The Walking Dead: How will zombies fare in water?

well walker, The Walking Dead - AMC
well walker, The Walking Dead - AMC /

With AMC’s zombie drama Fear The Walking Dead likely taking season 2 out to sea, the question of how zombies will fare with the water could soon be answered.

So far in the universe of The Walking Dead, there haven’t been too many incidents of waterlogged zombies. We’ve seen a walker trapped in a well at the Greene family farm as well as a food pantry basement with undead, but no real idea of how zombies could get around in deep water.

Fear The Walking Dead‘s journey out to sea will be like nothing we’ve seen on AMC’s flagship program or the pages of the graphic novel. We don’t know if zombies will float or sink. We don’t know if they can swim at all or if they can keep their flesh from rotting off their bodies if underwater too long. Since the walkers are much fresher on the show, they likely won’t have decomposed as much as walkers have on The Walking Dead and could last longer submerged, but how long can the undead live down there?

Hopefully, we’ll get some of those answers in 2016, but until then we’re left wondering how the show will work when survivors are on a boat. Recently Cliff Curtis talked to Nerdist.com about the zombies and how water with impact them in a humorous exchange.

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"Curtis: “I don’t think zombies can swim, can they?”Nerdist: “Hopefully not. That’d put a wrinkle in things. I think they’d just sink to the bottom.”C: “But what would they be down there? Would they just walk around?”N: “I feel like they would get stuck or eventually get waterlogged and decay.”C: “Maybe there’ll be a zombie wet t-shirt competition.”N: “Oh, finally! That’s the one thing season one was missing.”"

That Cliff Curtis sure is a card, isn’t he? We’ll see more of him and the cast of Fear The Walking Dead when the hit show returns for its second season in 2016.