The Walking Dead: Pondering Dr. Denise’s fate

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

One of the questions lingering after The Walking Dead‘s season 6 mid-season finale is the fate of Dr. Denise. Will she escape her Wolf captor? Or perhaps neither of them will survive the peril of the walkers waiting outside the door. Might they encounter Rick’s group heading for the armory? I am very anxious to find out how this piece of the puzzle will play out. Meanwhile, I have gathered a few thoughts on what I would like to see happen versus what I think will happen.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

What do I want to happen?

  • I certainly would like Dr. Denise to survive this hostage situation. I am really enjoying the unveiling of her character on the show. Her performance is extremely nuanced and so down to earth. She really seems like someone you would encounter in everyday life. So, yes, I want Denise to hang around longer on The Walking Dead. Her bravery has slowly been coming to fruition and I want to see a big heroic moment from her.
  • I would like to see her psychiatry skills play a role in her survival. I am fascinated by her course of study and hope to see it used as a weapon in her arsenal. I do not necessarily want to see psychiatry used to change the Wolf, however. A transformation of that magnitude would seem too far-fetched in a short amount of time. And I don’t want her capture to drag on beyond a couple more episodes.

    I would like Denise to obtain further intel on The Wolves. Their story is very incomplete for me at this point. How did they become Wolves and what exactly does this mean?

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    What do I think will happen?

    • I do think Denise will survive. I cannot imagine the show wasting her acting chops by eliminating her character this early in the game. With that said, Ethan Embry is a fine actor and we only knew his character for one episode.  I do not think this will be the case for Dr. Denise, however.
    • I suspect she will use her wits to her advantage. But I am guessing that a rescuer will also play a role in her escape.  While Tara may be a logical guess based on their comraderie, I predict that someone we did NOT see in the mid-season finale will be the one to intervene on Denise’s behalf.  This could be Heath or Aaron…hmmm.
    • I am afraid that our Wolf will be “walkerized” without us ever finding out more about his backstory or the origin of his group.

    What do YOU think will happen?

    So, who knows how Denise’s capture will actually be resolved on The Walking Dead? We’ll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, let us know what you think her odds are for survival in the poll below!