The Walking Dead tops several 2015 Nielsen viewing lists

Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel's ponytail in fridge Photo Credit: AMC Networks / - Cass
Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel's ponytail in fridge Photo Credit: AMC Networks / - Cass /

AMC’s The Walking Dead found themselves #1 in several key categories for viewership in 2015 according to Nielsen year-end lists compiled recently.

The Walking Dead might be halfway through season 6 on AMC, but viewership hasn’t slowed down at all. In fact, after everything that has gone on so far in the zombie apocalypse, fans are still flocking to social media and their televisions to watch the hit drama.

According to a recent article on the Variety website, The Walking Dead topped their lists in three categories and lands in the top five in another key category, showing the staying power of AMC’s juggernaut.

Here is where the show landed on Nielsen’s lists:

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  • #1 Twitter audience
  • #1 time shifted series
  • #1 series in key demos
  • #4 most-watched series

There is no denying the love for The Walking Dead on social media. If you have a Twitter account and aren’t able to watch a new episode of the show as it airs live, you had better stay away from the site. While we at @UndeadWalkingFS don’t like to dish out spoilers to those who don’t want to see them, there are others that aren’t as careful with vital information.

The biggest surprise is that the show was #1 in time shifted shows. That means that fans watch later, either on replay or DVR more than any other program on television, showing that viewers are devoted to watching the series even if they can’t catch the first airing.

It’s odd to see that The Walking Dead was the #4 watched series of 2015, but when you consider the competition, it make sense. Beating out the show in 2015 were NBC’s Sunday Night Football, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory and NCIS, all shows on major networks.

Congratulations to The Walking Dead and AMC on an amazing 2015 and fans should look forward to seeing what the hit zombie series has in store for them in 2016.