The Walking Dead: Midseason Premiere Promo

Major Dodson and Alex Breckenridge as Sam and Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Major Dodson and Alex Breckenridge as Sam and Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

We got a quick glimpse of what’s in store for the February 14th The Walking Dead midseason premiere in this trailer shown during the marathon on AMC.

Were you watching The Walking Dead marathon when all of a sudden this season 6 commercial came on to remind you that we are actually in the middle of a season now?

We get caught up in the nostalgia and the time of the season that we are watching when a marathon is in progress. In this case we were smack dab in prison and Governor mode when, boom, the word Negan hit us along with Rick’s voice, Glenn’s voice and scenes from Alexandria.

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Rick’s voice:  “I thought living behind  these walls was possible.  I was wrong.”

Glenn’s voice: “People that you love are still part of you, even after they’re gone.”

Maggie is screaming. Rick is swinging.  Glenn is shooting.  Abe, Daryl and Sasha are still dealing with Negan’s people. Walkers are everywhere in Alexandria.

As with most promos for The Walking Dead, the commercial is more about emotion than revealing plot. It has fast cuts, great music, great voice overs and makes us tense and excited about what’s coming up in February.

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Scott Gimple warned us that our guts will be frappéd. (Read more.)  We have so many things to find out and so much potential for damage. Nobody is safe. Our threats have tripled. We have a huge herd, a Wolf and Negan’s people all preying on our friends.

And we have more friends than ever now. Stay with us at Undead Walking as we go through withdrawals right along with you. We will do everything we can to help us make it to Valentine’s day and hope that it’s not the Valentine’s day massacre it has the potential to be.