The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan discusses getting fit


Lauren Cohan stars on AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, but she still works hard to keep herself in shape while working on the show.

Being an actor is hard. Not only are there long filming hours and tons of lines to remember, but there is a huge demand to stay physically fit and appealing to audiences. AMC’s The Walking Dead is no exception to this rule.

Fitness isn’t something that was the focus for Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene on the show, early in her life. According to, she wasn’t very confident in her body as a teenager and actually got teased about her appearance.

"“I was very skinny as a kid, but when I was swimming…and just having fun, I never worried about how I looked,” she confesses. “In my teens, though, I started to be more aware of my body, and I didn’t like being skinny. People made fun of me for it.”"

Even after high school, Cohan wasn’t focused on being fit. Like many people, college life found her gaining some weight and changing her from a skinny girl into a more full-bodied woman.

"“When I got to college, I ate a lot of junk and I gained weight,” she adds. “I loved it because I didn’t stand out as a bony girl anymore! Eating became a way of not getting attention for looking too skinny, but it was also about self-sabotage.”"

Lauren Cohan - SHAPE magazine cover
Lauren Cohan – SHAPE magazine cover /

Now, things are much different for The Walking Dead‘s actress. The 33-year-old actress showed off her physique on the cover of

Every single morning she wakes up early and gets in a little exercise to start her day. She even works out a bit before extremely early casting calls, because she says it changes how she feels emotionally about herself and her projects.

"“When I don’t exercise in the morning, it’s a completely different day than when I do,” The Boy star says. “Working out gives me endorphins and makes me happy. I need it!”"

Lauren Cohan has accumulated a massive fan base because of her work on The Walking Dead and has branched out to star in the upcoming horror/thriller movie The Boy set to hit theatres on January 26, 2016.

Meanwhile, fans will have to wait until February 14, 2016 if they want to see Cohan return to AMC’s The Walking Dead, as the show is currently on their midseason break for season 6.