The Walking Dead: 5 stories we don’t need in 2016


AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on television, but there are several story lines that have been played out and should be retired for 2016.

The Walking Dead has built a fantastic show around surviving a zombie apocalypse while trying to keep a family together.  Sadly, the show has repeated some of those themes too many times and it is time to get some fresh stories to help keep fans interested and give is some new things to talk about in the new year.

Here are the five story lines we don’t need in 2016:

  • Stop jerking around Maggie by teasing Glenn’s fate.  We get it. Maggie and Glenn are in love and that’s amplified now that she’s pregnant. So, let’s get something original going with these two. I’m sick of him dangling in a well, getting separated after the prison, hiding under a dumpster…well, you get the point. It’s a played out situation and with so many other great characters on the show it is hard to believe that the writers need to come back to this well (pun intended) so often.
  • Rick and Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
    Rick and Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

    Rick’s crazy. Wait, he’s fine. No, he’s crazy again.  Rick Grimes is lucky that there aren’t psychiatrists in the zombie apocalypse. The number of times that he’s lost his mind only to come back to sanity just when the team needs him is out of hand. While a bloody Rick screaming at the absolutely nothing is great for television, it’s time for him to balance out those emotions be the sensible leader Alexandria will need after they clear out the undead.

  • If you’re a kid, you’re gonna have a bad time.  So far, the children on The Walking Dead have not had it good. Sophia, Mika, and Lizzie all had horrible fates. Unless you’re a member of the Grimes family, kids don’t seem to have a very long life expectancy. Because of that, I want to see more kids surviving with the undead. Right now, things aren’t looking very good for Sam and Ron, but maybe there is more hope for Enid or future youngsters on the show.
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    Stop keeping secrets from the other survivors.

    This is a simple one. Build a community on honesty, and it’s likely to last much longer. Imagine if Hershel told everyone the barn was full of walkers. Or if Eugene would have said he didn’t know anything about Washington D.C. Now, we have more secrets with Maggie’s pregnancy, Ron’s attacks on Carl, Morgan hiding the lone member of the Wolves and much more. How can society be safe with so many people hiding life and death situations?

  • The cycle of find a place, destroy a place, move on needs to end.  It’s been happening since season one and is a major gripe for people who criticize the show. The show always seems have the settlements fall shortly after Rick Grimes finds them. When you look back at the RV camp, the CDC, the Greene family farm, the prison, Terminus, and Father Gabriel’s church, they were all built up just to come tumbling down. Let’s have Alexandria stand for at least a couple of seasons.
  • Are there any other stories that happen often on The Walking Dead that you’d love to see the hit AMC show retire going into 2016? Do you disagree with some of the points above and hope to see more of that type of story? Discuss those points in the comments below.