The Walking Dead: Readers chose 10 great Rick Grimes moments

Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC
Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC /

There are so many great Rick Grimes moments in AMC’s The Walking Dead from the first 5 seasons. Our readers chose their top ten.

Earlier this year in a poll, our readers chose their top 10 Rick Grimes great moments to have a look at during the midseason break to help with walker withdrawals.  This was before season 6 so they are moments from seasons 1-5.

I would guess that a season 6 honorable mention could go to Rick holding his gun on Carter when he discovered Eugene at Carter’s gunpoint having discovered Carter’s plan to kill Rick. The moment and the quote were great, classic Rick. “Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”

Tied for Number 10: 

Reuniting with Carl and Lori: We knew the new guy was Rick and that Lori, Carl and Shane were at the camp. So we got to watch their faces as they saw each other when Rick arrived at the camp after Glenn rescued Rick from the tank and they made it out of Atlanta.

Asking Carol if she’d have them: Rick had banished Carol. Then she saved them all from that train car and that trough at Terminus. In a great moment if gratitude and humility Rick not only apologized but acknowledged that Carol was allowing them to join her.

Saving Hershel’s leg: This was an amazing and tense moment at the prison. We couldn’t lose Hershel. But he was bitten. That means you die. Whop! Maybe not. Maybe they could save him.

Number 9: Seeing Maggie bring out Judith. This was just heartbreaking Another example of dramatic irony in The Walking Dead.  We knew. Lori didn’t make it. But Rick had to put it together by seeing Maggie without Lori and seeing Carl.

Number 8: Confronting Shane. More dramatic irony. The Walking Dead is a master of it. This time we didn’t know for sure, but we knew pretty much what Shane was up to. But we found out that Rick did, too. We just didn’t know how it would end.

Number 7: Reuniting with Judith. After Terminus. When Carol revealed herself, she told Rick he had to follow her. Sasha was reunited with her brother and Carl and Rick found out that Judith, the little girl they thought was dead, was alive. They held her and their hearts filled with joy as the others looked on.

Number 6: Stepping up to kill Sophia. Sophia coming out of the barn was one of the most emotional and dramatic moments of the entire series. But her emerging from the barn wasn’t the end. She needed to be dealt with. Who could do it? Rick Grimes, that’s who.

Number 5: Killing Gareth. Four Walls and a roof. The church slaughter was heavy for many of the survivors and for the audience. Rick led things with the killing of Gareth, despite Gareth’s begging and negotiating, fulfilling the promise he made at Terminus.

Number 4:  This isn’t a democracy. After the farm fire, Shane was dead. People were still questioning him. Rick had had enough. He was always trying to lead and trying to please. Those two don’t mix well. He gave his ultimatum: you want to go, go; you want to stay, you better stop questioning me. The Ricktatorship had begun!

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Number 3: Telling Daryl they were brothers. After the fall of the prison and everyone had separated, Daryl felt bad that he had taken up with Joe and the Claimers, not knowing who they were and that Rick had run into them before. As Rick and Daryl sat on the street by the car talking, Rick told Daryl he was his brother-one of the few, if only, times Rick said something like this to Daryl out loud.

Number 2: Promise of red handled machete. At the trough at Terminus, Gareth threatened Bob with in order to find out what was buried in the bag outside the fence. Rick gave it up. Among the weapons he listed was a red handled machete. In Rick’s calm voice, he told Gareth that was the weapon that he was going to use to kill him. In great moment number 5, Rick made good on his promise.

Number 1:  Biting Joe. This was a shocking and dramatic moment. It seemed impossible for Daryl, Rick, Michonne and Carl to have any chance at escaping the Claimers. In a moment I never expected, Rick became like the zombies and bit Joe’s neck, which began events to kill the bad guys and save themselves. It was a line that Rick crossed that changed him again in ways that can’t be unchanged. This was after The Governor and before Gareth.

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Each character has his own moments that make him who he is. Rick Grimes has had some amazing moments that have taken him to many different places in his post-apocalyptic travels. He will certainly have many more. These were only 10. What are some of your memorable Rick Grimes moments?

A few of mine that didn’t make the top 10 include Dave and Tony in Nebraska, Bunny Slipper Girl,  Bicycle Girl, and talking to Morgan on the walkie talkie. A few of my other favorites are the pigs to save the walkers and giving Carl back his gun at the farm.  It’s really tough to pick just a few!