Fear The Walking Dead writer lands ABC divorce drama


Meaghan Oppenheimer wrote for AMC’s zombie survival drama Fear The Walking Dead, but now she has been picked up by ABC to create a new divorce drama show.

Please Don’t Go will be a new drama on ABC focusing on surviving a divorce. While fans of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead got a taste of that topic on the zombie survival drama, it will be the major story of ABC’s new program.

Meaghan Oppenheimer was brought into Fear The Walking Dead‘s first season to write the screenplay for the fourth episode in the series, titled “Not Fade Away”. Before that, the young Tulsa, Oklahoma native was on the 2013 Black List for her unpublished screenplay for The Remains. It seems as though her success has been noticed by the large broadcasting companies and Oppenheimer will have a major opportunity with Please Don’t Go, which will have the lovely and talented Reese Witherspoon as an executive producer.

Here is how The Hollywood Reporter explains what to expect from Please Don’t Go:

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"“The project follows the personal and professional life of a ruthless divorce attorney in Dallas. Raised in the trailer parks of Texas, she has left behind a life of struggle amid squalor, working her way into a corner office and mansion in Dallas’ most prestigious neighborhood. But beneath her facade of togetherness, she’s plagued by self-destructive tendencies and long-hidden family secrets that begin to unravel her life.”"

The show is currently in the pre-production phase with AMC taking the chance on a script to hopefully develop into a series. With the star power of Witherspoon and the red hot potential of Fear The Walking Dead‘s Meaghan Oppenheimer, this upcoming program has a real chance at success.