The Walking Dead: Plenty of death on the horizon

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Fans who think that AMC is afraid to kill off major characters on The Walking Dead might be in for a bit of a surprise when the show returns from break.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has been known to be one of the most brutal, gritty, gory shows on television. However, a lack of a huge body count during the first half of season 6 has some fans and members of the media thinking that the hit show has gone soft.

While very few characters we’ve learned to love over the years left us during that time period, there was plenty of build up and dangerous situations that our favorite survivors were left in heading into the midseason break. Still, that lack of death had some fans concerned, especially considering a fake-out death that happened that got social media all riled up.

The Walking Dead‘s creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke about the incident involving Glenn and how it was received by the audience in a recent interview on the New York Times website.

"“[Glenn’s fake death] was a great way to pull the audience into the show in a new, different way. The audience is so invested in these characters and whether they live or die. By leaving his death as a big unknown, you put the audience in the same position as Rick, as Maggie, as all the other characters who don’t know if Glenn is alive or dead. Having the characters in the show and the audience in the same place was a really interesting experiment that did turn out really well.”"

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The fact that Glenn wasn’t dead and that his fate was just a tease is something that seemed to get a mixed response from the fan base. Although viewers seemed to be happy that their favorite former pizza delivery boy survived, there was that feeling that he was invincible, as the situation with the walkers by the dumpster seemed like an insurmountable problem.

But if you think that the characters aren’t going to die, you might have another thing coming.

"“I did see some people saying ‘Oh, Glenn’s not dead. I guess you guys aren’t killing characters anymore.’ But I know what is coming so that’s not a concern of mine. If people think we’re pulling back or softening in any way, we’ll just catch them off guard. So that’s awesome.”"

We’ll find out if the second half of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season can offer more heartbreak, drama and gore than the previous eight episodes when the hit show returns to AMC on February 14, 2016.