Fear The Walking Dead has ties to several Hollywood blockbusters

Travis and Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Travis and Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead’s second season has one big thing in common with several Hollywood blockbusters, including Titanic and Master and Commander.

AMC’s hit show Fear The Walking Dead filmed a majority of their first season in Vancouver. Many popular films and shows set in California do their filming there since it is less expensive and offers similar scenery. However, the setting will shift for season two of the program.

It was announced that filming for the second season of the show was underway in Mexico. That wasn’t much of a surprise since it seems that the survivors could be spending a fair amount of the time at sea during that time. However, studio they will be filming with has some ties to some of the biggest blockbuster films in history.

Executive producer and showrunner of Fear The Walking Dead Dave Erickson talked to Variety about filming the second season in Mexico.

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"“We are thrilled to be starting production and even more thrilled to be shooting in Mexico. Baja Studios has been home to some of the greatest ocean-set films in recent years and provides all the creative resources we need to begin this new chapter in the ‘Fear’ saga. We couldn’t be happier,” said Erickson said of the filming location for epics like “Titanic” and “Master and Commander.”"

Seeing that Fear The Walking Dead is hitting up one of the most successful studios for the series is a great sign that production value will be high and the sets will be realistic and very interactive. Plus, it’s a big tell that the survivors on the show will be spending a significant amount of time at sea.

At this point, there’s no real way to know how the walkers will act in the water and how they can interact with a ship, but we’ll definitely find out when Fear The Walking Dead returns for season 2 later this year.