The Walking Dead #150 issues ‘retailer only’ limited edition cover

The Walking Dead issue #150 cover art - The Walking Dead, Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue #150 cover art - The Walking Dead, Image and Skybound /

A sixth cover version of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment’s 150th issue of The Walking Dead has been announced, but fans might not be able to get it.

There’s no doubt the issue #150 of The Walking Dead will be a monumental installment in the series, but fans hoping to collect all the variant covers might have a tough time getting their hands on the recently announced sixth version.

According to the Image Comics website, retailers who handle popular comic book series will have the opportunity to reserve a very limited edition exclusive black-and-white cover featuring the artwork of Charles Adlard.

Here is the official press release from Image Comics:

"The Walking Dead issue #150 exclusive retailer only cover, The Walking Dead – Image and Skybound“Image Comics/Skybound is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for any comics retailer who orders at least zero copies of THE WALKING DEAD #150.Participating retailers who meet the minimum of zilch orders will receive one free variant featuring art by series artist, Charlie Adlard.This very special Retailer Appreciation variant will be a black and white version of Adlard’s Cover A and will grace the cover of the landmark, anniversary issue of THE WALKING DEAD, which will feature 30 pages of pulse-pounding story for only $2.99. In this 150th issue, Rick Grimes finds himself… betrayed.”"

As expected, several retailers have already taken to popular auction site Ebay to get top dollar for these rare The Walking Dead comic books, with most of the listings asking about $200 for the freebie.

To collectors, this is likely a slap in the face for those hoping to collect all the covers to keep a complete library of comics. For retailers, this is a great opportunity to cash in on a freebie that will likely be in very, very high demand.

The Walking Dead #150 will be available for purchase on January 13, 2016 for customers in the five other variant covers.