Fear the Walking Dead: Colman Domingo is a playwright

Victor Strand. Colman Domingo. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Victor Strand. Colman Domingo. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Danai Gurira isn’t the only playwright in The Walking Dead family. Colman Domingo, breakout star of Fear the Walking Dead, writes plays, too!

Colman Domingo’s Victor Strand was the surprise and delight of the first season of Fear the Walking Dead last summer. The Closer. Well, The Closer writes plays!

In 2009, The Vineyard in New York staged a production of Domingo’s A Boy and his Soul, about soul music in Philadelphia in the 70s. [Personal nostalgia side note: the theme song from Soul Train was called TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia.)]

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The Vineyard theater will once again host a Colman Domingo play in February called DOT. Previews start February 4. 2016 and DOT opens on the 23rd of February,  Here is the synopsis according to Broadwayworld.Com:

“DOT is the story of family matriarch Dotty, whose three adult children gather for the holidays with more than exchanging gifts on their minds. As Dotty struggles to navigate life with dementia, her children fight to balance care for their mother and care for themselves.”

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Mr. Domingo has acted on Broadway and Off-Broadway as well and in films such as Selma, The Butler and Lincoln. Of course, now he is The Walking Dead family forever as Victor Strand in Fear the Walking Dead. 

We hope Victor survives a good long time in the zombie apocalypse. We also wish Colman Domingo great luck with his play, DOT. If you are in New York in February or March, you might be able to see plays by 2 The Walking Dead family. DOT from Colman Domingo and Familiar or Eclipsed from Danai Gurira.